Budget Traveling

“Travel Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive…Only Memorable!!!”

That’s our motto here at EconomicalExcursionists and we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk (quite literally…do you know how many places we’ve walked instead of taking a bus/subway/tram/cab to save a few bucks!?)

As travelers to over 40 countries ourselves, it became quite clear that saving money HAD to become a priority both before and during travel if we wanted to continue to see the world, travel and explore the way we wanted to.

Whether you are looking for tips for a once a year family vacay or are wanting to backpack every corner of the world, here are our tried and true tips, tricks and secrets revealed on how we are able to save big while traveling even bigger!

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Budget Travel Like a Pro

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This site is amazing! The posts are about real experiences and actual things to do on a budget!