Grindelwald, Switerland: Can't get much closer to nature than that! 16
{This post may contain affiliate links.  We can’t thank you enough for supporting our site at no extra cost to you} With its cute little wooden homes with gorgeous flowers draping from the balconies as cows quietly roam under the looming peaks above, Grindelwald, Swizterland looks like it has been […]

Grindelwald, Switerland: The top of Europe   Recently updated !

Cinque Terra, Italy 23
What do you envision when you think of Europe? Chances are, you have visions of quaint, colorful little villages with cafes, flowers decorating windowsills and cobble-stoned streets. There are no shortages of picturesque towns in Europe, but many people jump straight to the big ticket cities like Rome and Paris. […]

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