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Birth-6 Month Edition

(Check back in several months for the 6-12 month edition since we all know that what works one day for a baby is out the window the next!!!)

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Planning a trip or vacation? Here's how to get your baby to sleep anywhere
Depending on my mood, the day, how much coffee I’ve had that morning or any other random variable that can effect one’s personality, I can either be a total research and “MUST KNOW EVERYTHING!!” parent or am on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and am a “Meh, whatever happens, happens” kinda chill, hippy.


And this includes my approach to Lil B’s sleep habits.  On one end of the spectrum, I fear that I am creating horrible sleep patterns for my little one, which surely will damage his whole entire life from here until eternity, right!?  On the other hand, I follow his lead on sleep “schedules” and often just hope for the best (and then go ask all my Facebook friends for suggestions, tips and advice…that I then often don’t follow through with because I just can never make up my mind on what approach to take!)
However, if you DO love schedules and all that jazz, one like a BabyWise schedule and a No Cry Sleep Training is similar to what we eventually naturally led into over time


But, knowing that travel wasn’t going to stop just because we had a baby, one of the things I wanted to get “under control” was getting Lil B comfortable sleeping anywhere.  Knowing we had many hotel and AirB&B nights ahead of us, in addition to the upcoming move back stateside, the whole “Consistency is key!” as far as ALWAYS sleeping in the same room, the same condition, etc I knew was just going to be out the window.  I knew that we were going to have nights where we had to have the baby sleep away from home.  That didn’t mean I was going to just completely let my hippy ways take over and let whatever happen, happen for his sleep.  I DO want him to have good sleep habits, but for almost full-time travelers, I knew that was going to look a bit different.

Bonus Tip:  Here are some really awesome things to consider when booking a hotel with a baby

Now, before you go saying it in the comments, I’ll beat you to the punch…
Yes, I know every baby is different.  I know that your baby may be extremely sensitive.   I know that another baby can have a completely different personality that may effect how they sleep.
But I am also a big believer in nature vs nurture.  Sure, some kiddos will just never be the kind to pass out anywhere, but I also (personally) believe that you can also work with those same children (to an extent.)
Is Lil B a “good” anywhere sleeper (well, at 6 months he is still up every 2 hours to nurse soooo I’ll let you be the judge of that!)? But, he does go down for naps and bed quite easily now, but not without plenty of training!   So, is this because of his personality or because of things we have done to help prep him for sleeping anywhere?  I guess we’ll never know, but I will say, it has been work, so I have to believe there is at least a little bit of nature AND nurture in this equation.


Before going on, I will also admit that I doubt I would have taken this approach to sleeping habits with Lil B compared to if we weren’t the gypsy, traveling type.  If we weren’t off to a new location every few weeks, I would have taken a very serious, consistent approach to teaching my babe how to be a good sleeper.  But, as parents, and travelers, you do what is best for you and your family at the time, which for us meant working on getting a baby to sleep anywhere for a vacation or trip.


0-3 Months

Many babies this age sleep a lot of the day anyway, so a lot of experienced parents told us this was the perfect time to travel!  While we didn’t do a TON of extensive traveling during this time period just because we were just simply adjusting to (aka surviving) life as parents, we did do a lot of day trips and a few occasional overnight excursions.  This was the perfect time (if YOU are ready) to get out and explore because many babies at this age just love and need to sleep and don’t really care where!  Also, at this age, I was personally big on “you can’t spoil your baby” so I let him sleep on me, in the swing, etc all he wanted, which actually I think may have helped us in the end for prepping for travel sleep.


Is it really possible to get your baby to sleep anywhere? (Like, say a loud German Fest!?)  This mama thinks so!

Lil B snoozing through his first German Fest…even with the Polka Band playing right behind him!


3-6 Months

By 3 months, Lil B’s sleep patterns were getting a little more defined.  I still don’t have him on a set “schedule” and instead just follow his patterns (But here are some ways to do so if that’s more of your jam).  But this was about the time that I decided to start setting a few “expectations” for sleep though that would set the stage for being able to sleep anywhere as we traveled…

A Few Simple Steps to Help Your Baby to Sleep Anywhere


All About Preparations for the Future and Preparations for Travel

You can’t just one day hop in the car or jet off in a plane, arrive at a new location and then be like “Hey, Baby, why won’t you sleep!?!?”  So it was all about slowly setting the stage, prepping him and preparing him for life on the road.
Even if you are a family that only travels once a year on a family vacation or occasionally visits Grandma and Grandpa’s house for overnighters, you can still employ a few of these tricks starting a few weeks before leaving to help adjust and prepare your little one. But never just head out on Holiday cold turkey and expect your child to sleep like a baby (Ok, seriously…who coined that term because really, did they ever see how a baby actually (does not) sleep!?)


Establish Very Strong Sleep Cues

If you are a parent, you have read and heard about sleep cues.  You know, those things that you do right before a sleep period to signal to your little one “Ok, love, it’s time to settle down and go to sleep.”  You’ll have read to do a similar, shorter routine for naps than you would for night.  Here is what ours looks like and why


1- Read books
2- Sing a song (Twinkle Twinkle is our personal favorite to cue “bedtime”)
3- Put into a sleepsuit (see below)
3- Nurse (often to sleep at this age)
We chose these activities because you can do them anywhere and anytime, meaning when we travel, they won’t be hard to recreate out of our home.  In our backpack diaperbag (this is the exact one we use), we always have at least one book (I like the soft ones that you can just smash down- they don’t take up much space and aren’t heavy!).  Also, you don’t need anything extra to pack or carry to sing a song or nurse!
Side note: Again, let’s all not get our panties in a twist here and start “THAT” argument.  Yes, the one about breastfeeding vs bottle feeding.  At the end of the day, you do YOU.  You do what works for YOUR family.  PERIOD.  I personally have chosen to breastfeed because
1) I am fortunate enough to be able to
2) I consciously made the decision to breastfeed BECAUSE of our travel amount.  I knew I didn’t want to be hauling around bottles and extra supplies.



1- Bath (or a warm rinse down in a shower if that is what the hotel has)
2- Baby massage
3- Say goodnight to objects around the house or room (Goodnight mirror baby.  Goodnight hallway.  Goodnight coat rack.  Goodnight Daddy)
4- Read a book if he still has the stamina at this point in the routine
5- Sleepsuit on
6- Nurse to sleep
Finding a simple, but consistent bedtime routine, like this one, can make a huge difference in getting your babe to sleep anywhere.



Man, if this post doesn’t get a ton of negative comments then I don’t know what would.  I think it’s pretty stupid that I have to put in some disclaimers about how I parent, but I guess this is the world we live in.  So let’s dig in:
NO, many people do not believe in co-sleeping for safety reasons and I fully respect them for that.
YES, I have done EXTENSIVE research on the matter, thank you very much.  This was not a decision we took lightly or just jumped into.  If you choose to go this route, I can’t suggest enough to also do your own research so you, too know the best and safest practices.
Yes, I follow all of the safe co-sleeping practices (some listed below)
I chose to co-sleep for many reasons, but again, I actually intentionally chose this route knowing that we would be traveling often.  I knew that getting a kid to sleep somewhere other than home could be a challenge.  I knew that the pack n plays and cribs that hotels offer are often very unsafe (many are broken, recalled, etc) and extremely dirty.  So, I wanted Lil B to feel comfortable, safe and “used to” the sleeping environment wherever we went.  I am well aware that this may be a difficult habit to break when we choose to do so, but so far, it is working beautifully for us.
When traveling, even though he is now at the age that he can definitely know when he is somewhere new, he doesn’t wake up screaming or crying out of fear because when he does awaken, I am right there next to him…just like at home.
Again, this has to be a personal choice and something that both you and your partner agree to.  With that being said, do NOT co-sleep  without doing proper research on best-care practices.  Here are just a few of the main and most important ones:
  • Never co-sleep if you have been drinking
  • Sleep on a hard mattress
  • Do not use pillows or blankets around the baby when co-sleeping
  • There should be no space between the baby and an adjoining wall where s/he can get trapped
  • ONLY cosleep on beds (not sofas, futons, etc)
For more info on cosleeping and very important safety tips, here is one of my favorite websites


Baby Gear


Ok, you know me.  I am not one to hype anything up that I have not personally used and loved.
You also know that we are pretty minimalistic over here.  We don’t like extra “things” and that is especially true with baby gear and junk.  However, there are few items that we’ve gotten from our baby showers that I just LOVE.  I purposefully put these on my registry for the sole sake of knowing we would be traveling often.


Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit


Lil B sleeping soundly on a weekend trip in Germany at the AirB&B.  Not just another Baby Gear! The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit really can help your baby to sleep anywhere!!!

THANK YOU! Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit for getting this kiddo to sleep!!!

When a friend told me about “this amazing sleepsuit” she had for her son, I kind of rolled my eyes.  I thought, “It’s one more THING and a business that is taking advantage of vulnerable parents who think they need STUFF to be better parents”  Also, when looking at it, I was not impressed.  I mean, look at the thing.  Isn’t it just some big fluffy snowsuit? a) won’t that be terribly hot? b) why would a snow suit magically put a baby to sleep??
Nope.  Not Convinced.  But my friend insisted it was awesome.  Then another buddy mentioned it…and another.  Hmmm.
Ok, so I caved.  I got the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.  And you know what? I FREAKING LOVE IT.
Well, after watching some hilarious youtube babies in the sleepsuit, Lil’ B didn’t exactly have the same magical effects.  He didn’t go from waking every 2 hours to feed to sleeping all night (or even longer stretches for that matter). BUT what he DID do was go to sleep easier.  For me (well, Lil B), I personally believe that more than anything this fell into the strong sleep cue section.  After about a week, he STRONGLY associated the suit with “It’s sleep time.”  So much so that when his cloth diapers leak and the suit needs to be washed, I have a small panic attack because that means a nap or two without it!!!
 I will also note that I personally only co-slept with Lil B in the suit when he was in a side car sleeper with no blankets, objects, pillows etc accessible to him.  Again, I only did this and felt comfortable with my decision after EXTENSIVE research on best co-sleeping practices and this was my own personal choice (as the brand does not recommend this route).  Once he started to roll in bed (aka to close to comfort to my bedding objects) is when we had to face the cold harsh truth about transitioning out of the suit.
Side note: He wore the sleepsuit all summer (and this is in Germany with no AC!) just fine.  The only time it was just too plain hot was on a trip to Cinque Terre, Italy.  It was then that I feared the day he would outgrow his sleepsuit as I realized the suit kept him from kicking and startling himself awake.
It was also then that I saw what a strong sleepcue the suit was for him.  Once free from it, he decided that 2am was a perfectly acceptable time to play with his toes, practice rolling, thought he’d have a full on conversation as well as “sing” his babble-songs!
Moral of the Story? This thing rocks.  Like, seriously lives up to it’s “Magical” name.  I’ve gone from doubter to believer, so much so that this is now my go-to gift for other first time parents.
*** Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit company does not recommend co-sleeping while using this product and for back sleeping only, as per the AAP and  once your little one is a roly poly, it is recommended to transition out of the suit.
Military Discount: Considering that the majority of my international readers are military stationed abroad, I’m stoked that Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is offering a military discount! Just comment on the post below why you’d love the sleepsuit (and state that you’d like the discount) and I’ll send you a personal email with the code 🙂 (Don’t worry, your email address doesn’t show to the public and I will ONLY email you with this code, no other daily annoyances!) 


White Noise


We live in a small apartment so Lil B can hear anything that goes on.  But I didn’t even really want the white noise to be on to drown out sounds from the apartment so he could sleep better (which is why most people use it).  Instead, I wanted him to (again) have it be a strong sleep cue for him.  I wanted him to know that when he hears that noise, it is sleep time.
Everyone has phones, tablets and other gadgets that can easily be turned into a white noise machine.  There are hundreds of youtube videos that mimic in utero sounds and other white noise options.  We actually just downloaded a free baby white noise app.  My favorite option is the “vacuum cleaner” noise…who would have known!?


Traveling With Your Little One Soon?

Research and book affordable activities on TripAdvisor and Hotels at




Not just another Baby Gear! The Baby Merlin Magic SleepsuCan you get your baby to sleep anywhere? Like on a hike in Italy? This couple thinks so, and shows you how!

Hiking in between Cinque Terre towns, Lil B snoozes the whole way!

Not just another Baby Gear! The Baby Merlin Magic SleepsuCan you get your baby to sleep anywhere? Like on a hike in Italy? This couple thinks so, and shows you how!

Hood Up= Sleep Cue!

You’ve seen me wear Lil B from the beginning and not just when traveling.  This was an intentional act from his first days of life.  Just days after bringing him home, I started wearing him in a sling and Moby Wrap.  When he was big enough, I wanted him used to and comfortable in the Tula because I didn’t want to be hauling around strollers and crap that weren’t necessary in busy airports.  But one of the side benefits that I didn’t see coming was that he got really good at SLEEPING in the Tula as well.  This was mostly from a few very rough weeks around the 8 week mark where SOMEONE just wanted to be on mama at all times.  This actually really worked in our favor because now, when we are out all day, we don’t need to return for a nap because he will just happily fall asleep in the Tula on either Andy OR me!
Not to be a broken record, but we even have sleep cues in the Tula for Lil B.  Hood up and binky in signals to him “Time to sleep, bud.”
(Note: I know and don’t believe that this will last forever.  I know there will come a time when he no longer will nap in the carrier, but as a little baby….this has been a traveling God-send!!!)


Lightweight Travel Crib at Home (instead of a real crib)

The Guava Lotus Travel Crib is one of those things that we are actually just starting to break out and use more and more.  In fact, I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t even used it once while traveling!  Instead, I am now using it for day-time naps instead of a crib (we still cosleep at night).
WHY?  You guessed it! TRAVEL! Just like “prepping” Lil B for conditions of traveling in things like the Tula, I don’t want the Lotus to be one of those “What the heck is this new-fangled contraption” moments for him when we go to use it while out exploring.  I want him to know the lotus as HIS bed.  I want him to know that that is where he sleeps.  I want him to be comforted by the familiar smells of the sheet in it and the shape and look of the crib.  I want him to not be “surprised” by it, and therefore create resistance to sleeping in it when out on the road.
I registered for the Lotus for my showers because it is specifically a light weight travel crib.  I loved the fact that it would fit as a carry on!!  One of the biggest reasons why I wanted it was for upcoming international flights.  Knowing I could carry it on the plane with me, my intention (ha- let’s see if this ACTUALLY pans out!) is that since sleep is less than ideal on those long flights, that when on layovers in the airport, if he is in his Lotus, a place that he is comfortable and used to already, he MIGHT (maybe? hopefully? yea…I know, I’m probably just daydreaming here!) actually take a (cat)nap.

Travel is a lifestyle that we chose.

I get that most parents who do an occasional family trip would probably not go to these lengths to get their kid used to and ready to sleep anywhere.  However, knowing that at least once a month, we would be in a location other than our home, I was going to need to prepare Lil B for life on the road.  Traveling with a kiddo is already a challenge in and of itself.  A baby sleeping is a challenge in and of itself! I didn’t need to make life miserable with combining two already difficult tasks together!
For those of you who don’t travel often but are still worried about how your baby’s sleep is going to be effected, I really loved this FAQs from BabyCanTravel.


However, even if you do just travel occasionally, if you know you have a trip coming up, for a few weeks before you leave, try adding in a small suggestion from above that you’ll be able to take with you as you travel to help “prep” your little one, such as a specific white noise machine, or a specific book or song.  Use something that won’t be hard to add to your routine and won’t be extra “stuff” to take.


On the other hand, for all my fellow full-time (or just travel addicted) families, consider the above tips to help you get your baby to sleep anywhere so that you can enjoy your upcoming trip and still get the sleep you need to enjoy your holiday!


And when all else fails and your kiddo just refuses to sleep somewhere other than his or her own comfy bed in the comfort of your own home…..well, there’s always coffee in the morning!!!
I’m still a newbie parent, so I don’t know it all. In the comments, tell me your tips for getting your baby to sleep on the go.  Relive your best and worst sleep travel moments so we can all laugh (or cry!?) with you!


After personally trying out and loving the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, they have graciously offered to give one sleep suit away to one lucky reader to help your baby to help get your baby to sleep anywhere as well!  As usual, enter in as many options below as you want (but you know the drill- the more you enter, the better your chances!)

Know a Mama (or Papa!) that could use some much needed sleep? SHARE this with them, too for their own chance at a sleep-filled night!

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How I travel with world and still get my baby to sleep anywhere
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About LeAnna Brown

Former teacher turned blogger turned mom turned full time travel addict, LeAnna has never been one to live life by the rules. Whether she is moving to a farm in Switzerland to learn to make cheese (Yes, CHEESE), jumping off a mountain to paraglide over Cinderella castles, or taking her baby all over the world with nothing but a backpack on their backs, LeAnna designs and defines her OWN life. LeAnna, her husband Andy, and kiddo, "Lil B" love to live a minimal lifestyle, not only for the "thrill" of pinching pennies but in order to save for traveling the world. Considering over 40 countries and 90+ cities have been explored, we'd say they are doing something right!

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134 thoughts on “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Anywhere For a Vacation or Trip

  • Erin

    I agree that sleep cues like a “night night” song and white noise are great! We still use them at almost 2 years old! I’d love to try the Merlin sleep suit/marshmallow suit, please send me the discount code!

  • Vikki Chelette

    Biggest tip I’ve got is to try to keep a similar routine for bedtime. If that’s dinner, bath, and a book be prepared to do it in that order and as close to the same time as they are used to. It’s the only way to win with my dictator…I mean toddler.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Haha! Yes, we’ll see how sleeping while traveling starts to change as Lil B gets older but could not agree more with a consistent bedtime, no matter where in the world you are!

    • LeAnna Post author

      You’re not alone, I think that is most people’s biggest struggle which is exactly why we’ve worked so hard at setting the stage. So far so good, but you know how it goes. What works today could be out the window tomorrow!

  • Danielli

    I keep my twins on the same schedule, which helps a LOT when you are trying to keep your sanity! I’d love to buy a couple of Merlin suits for my boys. Could you please send me the promo code too? Thx!

    • LeAnna Post author

      Deanna, I actually have a full post on this coming up! Do you want me to let you know when I post it? I think the biggest thing here is that all kids are different. But for us, we have found that just like with the sleeping, it is all about getting him used to it. He took his first flight at just a few months old, we did road trips from just a few weeks, etc. That mixed with the fact that he’s a little ham and loves all the attention from everyone around him helps us get through those flights. But I do have a whole list of suggested activities, things to bring, etc if you’d like!

      • Mallori L

        You know my oldest (she’s three) never took to a particular item. I was told that because of all the wearing I did with her that maybe I was her “thing”. I guess that’s good since that was one less thing to keep up with. Anyway she seems to be a well adjusted little kiddo, (although i still have moments where I feel like I’m negotiating with a terrorist). She started kindergarten last month and although they speak German she just waves and says tchuss mommy and goes on her merry way. I’m not signing up for mom of the year just yet though because like you said every kid is different and my second may feel she can’t leave the house without the kitchen sink.

        • LeAnna Post author

          Hahaha! I love it!! That’s an interesting concept. I wonder if Lil B also won’t take to a lovey bc I wear him so much that I’m his lovey! lol. My hope is that Lil B will be an independent little one as well in the coming years. I could just see him sing-songing “Tchuss!” and off he goes!

  • Kristie

    I don’t really have a question. Kids can sleep anywhere I think. I saw a teenager sleep next to me at a Garth Brooks concert while in progress! It was amazing! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  • Jocelyn Paprocki

    We took our baby to many short overnight trips before our week – long vacation in Orlando. This really helped in getting her accustomed to sleeping in settings outside our home

    • LeAnna Post author

      Ashley, it does for some babies and not for others, just like in adults. A few things you can do to help them is during take off/landing, let them nurse (or bottle feed) or suck a binky/paci. This last flight, Lil B didn’t want either of those, but he DID want to gnaw on a bell pepper! lol. So, if they are a bit older, something to chew on as well will help.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Danielle, A few things you can do to help them is during take off/landing, let them nurse (or bottle feed) or suck a binky/paci. This last flight, Lil B didn’t want either of those, but he DID want to gnaw on a bell pepper! lol. So, if they are a bit older, something to chew on as well will help.

  • Christine H

    My best tip is to remember that babies and toddlers get overstimulated and have a more intense reaction to that than adults. So, if we’re doing a lot of events, sightseeing, or going to a lot of places, we have breaks in between each one to relax, slow down and let the kiddos breathe.

    • LeAnna Post author

      That’s a GREAT tip to remember, since it doesn’t DIRECTLY correlate right to the bedtime but is SO important! I agree that now our days out are much slower paced, with much more breaks etc.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Haha! Thanks, Tamara! Travel is just a part of us now, no need to stop living just bc we have a little one. Besides, now he gets to enjoy one of our biggest passions now with us 🙂

  • Erika Bisbocci

    Kudos to you for being able to travel with your baby and finding strategies that work. I imagine white noise is a great way to get children to sleep, as are songs and rhymes. Glad the sleep suit worked out so well for you despite your initial skepticism.

    • LeAnna Post author

      I’ll let you know in 32 days when we go from Germany to the US! NOT looking forward to that! The good news is that babies that young are pretty adaptable. But for a time change that small, I’d start slowly trying to adjust even before the flight (like 10 minutes a night or so) if you can. The first few days will most likely be rough, so just prepare yourself mentally (and arm yourself w/ plenty of coffee!) and then just get straight to it. At what should be nap times, get it as dark as possible and even if s/she doesn’t sleep, put him/her down. At night, use the above tips to start establishing really strong sleep cues right now before the flight so that your little one will know that XYZ means sleep. Good luck! Leave me a comment on FB with how it ends up going and any other tips you figure out!

    • LeAnna Post author

      Barb, I actually have a full post on this coming up! Do you want me to let you know when I post it? I think the biggest thing here is that all kids are different. But for us, we have found that just like with the sleeping, it is all about getting him used to it. He took his first flight at just a few months old, we did road trips from just a few weeks, etc. That mixed with the fact that he’s a little ham and loves all the attention from everyone around him helps us get through those flights. But I do have a whole list of suggested activities, things to bring, etc if you’d like!

  • Elaine J Masters

    Good for you. So much more info than I had for traveling with my son. He didn’t really sleep through a night until he was 2!! I was miserable. But we did travel a lot with him and truly white noise, engines, airplanes, etc. helped him sleep! Nice that there’s an app for that. Keep going!

    • LeAnna Post author

      Man am I with you, Elaine! At 7mo, he was still waking every two hours. He’s a “good” sleeper (goes down well etc), just wakes frequently for eating! I finally caved and started some sleep training to get longer stretches. But good for your for not letting that deter you from traveling either, it’s all soo worth it (The travel, the sleepless nights…)!

  • Rob

    Some great tips here. We were fortunate, our son was always a decent sleeper. He would sleep anywhere, even during takeoff on a plane! One thing we did use, that we took everywhere we went, was a white noise machine. (this was 7 years ago they weren’t as common as they are now) I would highly recommend trying out white noise.

    • LeAnna Post author

      That’s awesome, Rob! Lil B will fall asleep nursing during flight still so that is a bonus for us. And as for the white noise, there really are times when technology is so great and “there’s an app for that!” so that we don’t have to take one more piece of gear.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Terry, I personally nurse Lil B to sleep still for flights. Works like a charm. If you don’t breastfeed, you could always give the bottle a try. And at this young, chances are really good that sometime during the flight time (after the time of getting to the airport, security, etc) will be about when he’d want a nap anyway, so we take full advantage of that!

  • Dana

    Great article! Getting babies on a sleeping pattern can be challenging and seems to change at each stage of their lives. My kids were polar opposites, My son couldn’t sleep anywhere and had to have his route. My daughter would fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Even as she got older sitting in a chair at dinner 🙂

    The Magic Sleepsuit is awesome!

  • Nadine

    It’s been a while since my little one was a ‘baby’ but I can totally agree that there are some great tips here! We travelled to 10 different countries with our son when before he was two – it’s really important to establish those sleep cues so that night-night time can be the same no matter where you are!

    • LeAnna Post author

      Yes, consistency is key! When traveling, if you are dealing w/ time zones though, your in for a struggle no matter what, so having all the other above tips can only help, but when just going to Grandma’s or traveling locally, consistency is your best friend!

    • LeAnna Post author

      I really struggle with this as Lil B is getting more into needing a bit more consistency. He does so much better w/ a schedule, but I like being flexible so that he can roll w/ the punches! Aw, parenting…there’s never a right or wrong or easy solution, is there!? 😉

    • LeAnna Post author

      Yes, if the time zones allow, this definitely helps! Unfortunately, there are the times that due to time zone differences, you gotta get a little more creative 😉 But keeping them as consistent as possible is definitely huge

    • LeAnna Post author

      Thanks, Teanna! Just bc you have kids doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life! Feel free to share with any friends who might have little ones, even if they don’t travel, the sleepsuit is fantastic for ANYONE w/ a babe!

  • Jess

    I’d love the code for the sleep sack, thanks!

    What did you do to get through security? I’ll be flying with my 2 month old by myself for Christmas. She loves the Moby wrap, but do I have to take that off to go through security? I don’t really want to travel with my stroller as to decrease items I’m carrying. Thoughts? Recommendations?

    • LeAnna Post author

      Hi Jess! I’ll send the code along to you 🙂 As for security, everywhere is different and I’ve found it often just depends on the agent. Sometimes they have no problem w/ me walking through w/ the Tula on and I’m happy to let them do an extra search if that’s the case. Just coming home from Bulgaria, Lil B had JUST fallen asleep but they didn’t care. It was quite the scene taking off the carrier and trying to keep him asleep, strangers were helping me unbuckle, I was doing a little shuffle and dance getting my shoes off, etc!!lol My husband said I should have won an award for keeping him sleeping!!! lol.
      Also, FYI, at least here in Germany, the airports are no longer allowing strollers at all! I can’t believe it bc I know so many parents who rely on that. Not sure if this is becoming a thing all over though?

    • LeAnna Post author

      Hey Laurie, every kiddo is different, but I nurse Lil B to sleep on the planes. Between getting to the airport, going through security, etc the flight will usually fall over a nap time, so I try to hold him off until the flight if I can and then just nurse to sleep. If you bottle feed, it may or may not work as well but travel is actually one of the reasons I chose to breastfeed…makes it so much easier 🙂

  • Jenna

    Great tips! Working on being able to sleep anywhere is always a good idea–I can see where every child is different, but I totally agree, the more you work at it the better it will hopefully be! Good ideas on all the sleep cues and white noise, too! Happy travels!

  • Lianne Hedden

    We do our white noise with an app on an old phone, which makes it very portable for travel! It’s the same soothing ocean sounds wherever we go, which is comforting.

  • Meaghan

    Sleep begets sleep. Don’t think that getting your little to skip their nap will help them sleep better at night. The exact opposite is true!

    • LeAnna Post author

      Haha! When I was pregnant and had to do the CKGs, it would put me to sleep. I can see how the “in utero” white noise totally works. I love the sound of water, so I can only imagine how bubbles would do the trick as well!

  • Elicia P

    I do not have a tip and this post answered a lot of questions. I will be traveling with my 3 month old in two weeks to Canada so this helps! Thank you.

    • LeAnna Post author

      We don’t have blankets in the crib yet since he’s only 7months and he just doesn’t really care for the lovey at this time, but I am SO thankful for nursing. It works like a charm!

    • LeAnna Post author

      Great tips! We don’t have blankets in the crib yet since he’s only 7months and despite our efforts at a Lovey, he just doesn’t seem to want to take to it!

  • Ashley Ramsey

    Oh my goodness. My daughter was born this past June and will be five months on Saturday. Very few things get me anxious or worked up. Co sleeping is one of them. My daughter and I co sleep. She stopped breathing one night because she was choking on spit up around 1 1/2 months. That was the last night she slept alone. Everyone I know, especially my mother, bring it up and try to convince me to stop. Not happening. We practice safe co seep and we sleep much better near one another.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Ashley, I am a big believer in parenting instincts. For millions of years, human kind has slept with and next to their babies. Granted, they did not have big, fluffy comforters and pillow top mattresses! Hence…the safe sleeping practices and educating yourself. Co-sleeping was one of the best things for us and I’d do it again in a heartbeat w/ any future ones. Trust your instincts, do your homework and be the best mama you know how to be! 🙂

  • Mallori L

    We have done many of these things with our oldest (now three this past October). We actually flew over here from the states with the lotus crib. She knows it’s her travel bed. It’s gone to many countries and cities and is so convenient especially when staying in an air bnb. Now we have a new little one and are doing the same things. I think having an older child helps because the little gets used to the noise and is less bothered by things. We always put baby in a sleep sack and I too think uh oh if her cloth leaks. I’ve never tried the suit but it sounds lovely. Maybe it could help baby girl sleep a bit longer. Great post and I only recommend that you keep seeking a balance between your research and hippy ways.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Oh Mallori, two comments in a row from you that made me “lol.” With a SPED Education background, research could be my middle name. But the hippy ways run deep! Awesome to hear you love the Lotus, too. I’m SO glad we got it as a baby shower item. We are actually using it as his full time crib now that we’ve transitioned out of co-sleeping once he became a rolley poley and since we travel so often (oh, and we are cheap as hell, so a real crib was just one less thing to buy!)

  • Todd

    Numerous people have recommended sleepsuits to help my daughter sleep and stay warm at night. Plus, with the amount we travel I’m willing to try anything that’ll help her sleep easier while we are away from home. I’d love the discount so I can try this wonderful suit.

    • LeAnna Post author

      I am a BF in public kinda gal. Here in Europe, it is so welcomed and encouraged, I’ve never had one single bad experience. In fact, I often get encouraging smiles from men, women, old and young all alike. It is so refreshing!
      As for diapers, I’m not gonna lie, we do it wherever we have to. In Italy I even did a diaper change on the ground next to the cafe we were at (I always have a changing pad in the bag) and the waiter came over. I thought he was going to yell at me and instead said, “I love that you travel w/ your baby!!!” Park benches, green patches of grass…you name it! I find that most bathrooms don’t even have tables, so sometimes I have to do it on the floor of the bathroom, etc. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer! I think the hardest part is getting over what you THINK people might be thinking about you. The reality is, they most likely don’t care 🙂 Good luck mama!!

  • Kimberly Matlack

    My biggest sleep tip is to stick to the schedule the baby is on at home. Also if the baby is use to a noise at home, mimic it while traveling so they think they are at home. It makes it easier for both you and baby.

    • LeAnna Post author

      Haha yes! I personally often can’t sleep on those long haul, overnight flights…so why would he be any different! I say “Expect the worst so that anything else seems like it went great!” 😉

  • Fiona N

    I travel with my little one many times a year. I usually get hard time to let him sleep on the airplane because he is so active. How to help him calm down and listen me? 🙂
    Thank You

    • LeAnna Post author

      I think every kid is so different. We nurse a lot on the plane, even when he isn’t hungry, he likes the comfort. We also have lightweight or easily pack-able books. He loves “reading” (ok, flipping through pages!) Getting up and walking the aisles, etc. I actually have a whole post on this coming up. Let me know if you’d like me to send it to you when it goes out 🙂

    • LeAnna Post author

      That’s why we got a travel crib. Light-weight. Carry one size. We love it. We actually use it at home instead of a “real” crib so that when we travel, he knows it’s a safe, comfortable and familiar place. Highly recommend one if you travel frequently

  • Elizabeth Ray

    back-up blankies, or “spare” af a favorite toy. I’ll never forget the nightmare of my son (who had not yet been diagnosed as autistic…) losing his Care Bear. We had to get another, and then get rid of the “new smell” before he could calm down…