Many people associate Bali with a spiritual awakening; a place to look within your heart and soul, and it is easy to see why.  Bali as a whole is so beautiful that it is easy to get in touch with your inner peace and self.  Maybe that is why the […]

Bali Tips: Lempuyang Temple

Driving In Bali 1
Get Ready for Driving in Bali It always seems like anywhere you go other than your own home town, driving is insane. It also seems like wherever I currently am, it seems the most hazardous. This is true for Bali. The saving grace is that Balians are freakishly nice, so […]

Bali Tips: Driving in Bali

Europe has plenty of amazing and beautiful beaches.  After all, why do people long to go to Greece, Malta and the French Riveria?  However, given the latitude of Europe, even the beautiful Spanish Canary Islands aren’t “hot” unless it is a lucky hot streak in August.  Therefore, many Europeans (especially […]

Three Days in Goa: A How-To