Neuschanstein Castle 18
{This post may contain affiliate links.  We can’t thank you enough for supporting the EE site at no extra cost to you} Fairytales do exist. Well, at least their castles do!   What child hasn’t looked at Disney’s famous castle and wondered where the princess lived?  Well, the truth is, […]

Neuschwanstein Castle: How to play prince or princess for a ...

I write and talk alot (ok, that sentence can just be ended there, right?) about Bucket List items.  You’ve read about swimming with Phytoplankton in Thailand, saw that I finally was able to chase the Northern Lights in Iceland and I’ve mentioned Zorbing in New Zealand.  These are all “Bucket List” things that […]

Paragliding Over Neuschwanstein Castle

      Pumpkin fries. Pumpkin prosecco. Pumpkin burgers. Pumpkin soup.           No, I am not trying to pull a “Forest Gump” on you.  The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival (Kuerbisausstellung), in Stuttgart, Germany can pumpkin-fy just about any food you want!   While Oktoberfest gets the most attention […]

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival: The largest in the world!

10 Different Types of Fests in Germany 23
There are countless things that make living in Germany amazing, but one of the most fun and culturally immersive things to do is go to the fests!  Where else can you drink liters of beer at a time, eat giant pretzels and dance on the tables??? While most people think […]

10 Different Types of Fests in Germany besides Oktoberfest

Cinque Terra, Italy 23
What do you envision when you think of Europe? Chances are, you have visions of quaint, colorful little villages with cafes, flowers decorating windowsills and cobble-stoned streets. There are no shortages of picturesque towns in Europe, but many people jump straight to the big ticket cities like Rome and Paris. […]

11 Picture Perfect European Towns You Haven’t Heard Of   Recently updated !

I’m convinced that in a past life I was a tropical fish and in another I was an alpine cow.  Yes, a cow. The fish may make more sense considering I am at home in and near the water, but the cow part may take more explaining. Ever since I […]