Not just the typical tourist list! Great ideas to get off the beaten path in Hamburg
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Hamburg: Off the beaten tourist path

Great info on different locations to ski in Germany or right across into the Austrian border! 19
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Where to Ski in Germany

This book is AMAZING. Budget travel advice, tips and tricks for living abroad and more...all for military members! 15
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Are Your Stationed in Europe? Facing an OCONUS PCS?

Schloßplatz, Dresden – credit: cc. Björn
Today’s post comes from the amazing blogger, Anna, over at  While I may be your go to guru for Bavarian life, Anna knows the North like I know my Gluewein! Today, she talks about about an old, and delicious German tradition: Stollen. 5 Surprising Facts About Stollen Stollen is a […]

Guest Post- Delicious German Stollen

There are tons of info on dates and locations of Christmas Markets, but this tells you HOW to do do them! 15
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How to Do Christmas Markets in Germany RIGHT