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10 Memories from my Trip to Marrakesh A Guest Post from EveryLastingVoyage  Thanks to Ada at for helping us out while LeAnna is on Maternity leave.  You’ll be booking your flight to Marrakesh in a flash after this great post!   A bustling city full of culture, color, and intricate designs: Marrakech. For me, […]

10 Ways to EXPERIENCE Marrakesh, Morocco

Elephants on an african safari 1
5 Tips on How to Plan an African Safari   Step 1:  Buy a guidebook, like Fodor’s The Complete Guide to African Safari’s.  Then, hop on the internet and type “African Safari’s” Step 2: Go buy a bottle of wine.  Scratch that, grab several and go into information overload. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– […]

How to Plan An African Safari