Top things to do in Puerto Vallarta that get you off the beaten tourist path 2
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Unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta To Get You ...

breastmilk travel 16
Vacationing Without Baby: Yes, It’s Still Possible To Continue To Breastfeed! [Please note that I am NOT a lactation consultant or specialist.  Everything in this article is purely from personal experience and extensive research and education I have provided and learned for myself as I have breastfed my own babies] […]

Traveling Without Breastfed Baby: How to Prepare and Maintain Supply

AWESOME info on the Esso Gas Station Fuel Card for those stationed in Germany!
We all know by now that I pretty much think that getting the opportunity to move to Europe is about the most amazing things that can happen to a person.  For example, after living in Germany, you are going to find that it slowly seeps into your soul and before you know […]

Esso Fuel Cards in Germany: Everything You Need To Know

Traveling Without Kids: A Complete Checklist and Guide for Leaving Your Little Ones While You're Away 8
Go ahead.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Yeah…YOU!  That Mom or Dad that finally decided that it was ok to travel without your kiddos.  I know, you normally only do Family Travel nowadays, but you finally decided it was time for just YOU. Good for you! You decided […]

Traveling Without Children: 10 Essentials To Leave With a Caretaker

THIS! I'm so glad I am not the only one that feels this way! A Guilt Free Getaway Why It's Ok to Travel Without Your Children 19
From one parent to another, can I take a moment and confess something absolutely horrible that I have been thinking lately in regards to my precious little babe? As in, I haven’t told anyone this because I am afraid I am the only mother who has ever thought this about my child […]

A Vacation Without Your Children: Why Guilt Should Not Get ...