Hohenfels, Germany
Life at Hohenfels, Germany: Part I You’ve heard of Germany.  You might have even heard of Bavaria. But nobody…and I mean NOBODY has heard of USAG Hohenfels, that is, unless you have been one of the lucky few to get stationed in nowheresville, Germany. USAG Hohenfels; the Army Post stuck […]

USAG Hohenfels: The first glance at your new duty station   Recently updated !

Stationed In Germany 16
[This post may contain Amazon affiliate links.  Thank you for helping to support the maintenance of the EconomicalExcursionist site so that we can continue to give you awesome travel tips and content.] Let me take a guess. You just found out you are going to be stationed in Germany.  So […]

Stationed In Germany: What you need to know before your ...

The Military Family's Guide to Urgent Medical Care While Traveling
It’s 3 p.m. You’ve been hauling your kids up and down the streets of Amsterdam all day, drawing straws with your husband for whose turn it is to push the toddler in the stroller and who gets to carry the 4-month-old in the Tula. (FYI, I love my kids, I […]

Tricare While Traveling: 8 things you NEED to know before ...

German spa and baths are the perfect way to live like a local while also having one of the most relaxing experiences ever 13
Banana Hammocks, droopy old lady boobs and BARING.IT.ALL Yup, that’s a European bath and spa for you. But a German spa really isn’t as scary, intimidating or even embarrassing as you might think it would be.     I am proud to say that it wasn’t until almost 6 months after having […]

Bad Abbach: Living like a local at the German Spa

There is SO much beauty right here in the US! Who knew you could get into the national parks for free!? 14
2017 Free Park Access Everyone has different ways of tracking their travels.  Some just post on their Facebook timelines, others painstakingly make photobooks while others scrapbook it all. We personally keep a pin-map up on our wall and every time we spend the night in a location, it gets a pin. […]

Free National Park Days: How to see the US on ...

So, I owe you a huge apology, don’t I? Have you been noticing a lack on my part here around the blogosphere?   If so, it’s not because we haven’t been traveling and therefore I don’t have any great tips and content for you.  It’s actually almost the exact opposite. […]

I Just Can’t Do It Alone

There are so many different and free tours in Sofia that you can combine them all to make a great (FREE!) weekend of site seeing in depth. Oh, did I mention free?? 20
While I have no affiliation with any of the tours mentioned and suggested in this post, there may be amazon links in this article.  Please support EconomicalExcursionists so that we can tip the fantastic guides on free walking tours generously!   All of the Free Tours in Sofia Combined to […]

A whole weekend of free tours in sofia

how-to-get-a-baby-ready-to-sleep-anywhere-for-a-trip-or-vacation 134
Birth-6 Month Edition (Check back in several months for the 6-12 month edition since we all know that what works one day for a baby is out the window the next!!!)  [This post may contain amazon affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting the EE site, through the mere pennies I […]

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Anywhere For a ...

'LIl B's First Fest! 22
and no, we’re not preggo! Have you ever had to make a decision so massive in life that the outcome will indefinitely have a huge impact on the rest of your life?  And that kind of uncertainty of the outcome scares the shit out of you??? For me, there were […]

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