Skip touristy Karlovy Vary and head to Marianske Lazne for a great spa town 16
{This post may contain affiliate links.  We can’t thank you enough for your support.  Next time I’m in Marianske Lazne, I’ll put the mere pennies we make towards a delicious Kozel Beer! Yum!} Just drink THIS and you’ll lose weight!!! Does that sound like your typical weight-loss gimmick on the tv? […]

Marianske Lazne: The less touristy alternative to spa town Karlovy ...

Stockholm on a Budget 12
{This post may contain affiliate links. We’d be lucky if the proceeds could buy us a hot dog on the streets of Stokholm, but still profusely thank you for your support to the EE site!} Sadly, credit card points can’t get you everywhere when traveling (or it’s not the best […]

Stockholm On a Budget

Riga is such an overlooked gem in Europe!! 10
The beautiful Riga, capital of Latvia and the biggest city of the Baltic States, is still unexplored terrain for many international tourists. Founded in 1201 Riga has a rich history and, thanks to its location at the crossroads between Western Europe and Russia, it has always been a cosmopolitan city. […]

Latvia Like a Local: Riga