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Cinque Terra, Italy 23
What do you envision when you think of Europe? Chances are, you have visions of quaint, colorful little villages with cafes, flowers decorating windowsills and cobble-stoned streets. There are no shortages of picturesque towns in Europe, but many people jump straight to the big ticket cities like Rome and Paris. […]

11 Picture Perfect European Towns You Haven’t Heard Of

Venice: We got into Venice late and the bus that we needed in Mestre was no longer running. We had to take a taxi and for approximately, the 4 miles, it was 27 Euro!!!! Since we got in late, we decided to sleep in and take it easy the next […]


Today our goal was to stop in Verona on the way to Venice and find a vineyard. I have figured out that we are just not good with directions and finding out way around Italy (it is actually very confusing!) We did not get to a vineyard, so instead, we […]


Today we decided to get away from the museums and art and head for some more ruins. We took an hour train to Ostia Antica. This fortified city is supposedly comparable to Pompeii. It was once a port that was taken over by the Roman Empire. When the empire fell, […]

Rome- Day 4

“Et tu Brute?”  To me, Caesar was a Shakespearean figure, but as we walked through Ancient Rome, I felt like I could imagine Julius himself and hundreds of Toga-bearing Romans wandering around the ancient meeting places, temples and arches.  The Roman Forum, while a bunch of rubble and ruins, gave […]

Rome- Day 3

Armed with new shoes, plenty of bandages and a pair of socks, I was painfully ready for our full day at the Vatican.  We enjoyed an Italian breakfast of toast, mozzarella and some meats (salami, turkey, prosciutto) and jam.  Of course Rome would have a one day only strike the […]

Rome- Day 2